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InfraCo Africa, a multi-government funded organization providing early stage development capital together with EleQtra, an experienced developer of Infrastructure projects in Sub-Sahara Africa are implementing the Kalangala Infrastructure Project in which over 30,000 population of Bugala Island in Lake Victoria will benefit from improved infrastructures services.

KIS is a Utility company under Public Private Partnership (PPP). The Government of Uganda (GoU) decided to develop infrastructures on the island with the key aim of attracting investments, boost businesses, and to improve the livelihoods. The GoU signed a memorandum of understanding with InfraCo in 2006. InfraCo is a project development company with a mandate to develop commercially viable infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. In September 2006, the Cabinet approved the Project Development plan submitted by InfraCo for project development to begin. 
In January 2009, following the approval of Cabinet of InfraCo project development plan, KIS and the Government of Uganda entered into an Implementation Agreement with respect to the development and implementation of the Project. The project is estimated to cost 50 Million USD.

Currently KIS is working under the components of;

  • Ferry Service: Construction and operation of two new ferries providing ferry transport services between Luuku and Bukakata. GoU is mandated to pay annually in advance for ferry subsidy so that user travel free of charges.
  • Power Supply Systems: Generation, Distribution and sale of electricity throughout Bugala Island as a major utility service.
  • Water Supply Systems: Rehabilitated, expanded and currently operate the Kalangala Town Council water supply system and water supply to 7 major settlement areas as a utility company.
  • Road Works: Rehabilitation, expansion and upgrade of the 66km Main Island Road from a dirty to a class B gravel road was completed in 2015.

The funding of the infrastructure improvement under this project was made possible through funding from a group of investors namely:

  • The PIDG- Private Infrastructure Development Group
  • InfraCo Africa
  • Nedbank Ltd
  • Uganda Development Corporation Ltd
  • Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa
  • Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund
  • GuarantCo


To be the Leading Provider of Infrastructure Services for Economic and Social transformation in Uganda.


To provide safe, reliable and affordable infrastructure services on commercial basis in an environmentally friendly manner.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer Care


  • Human Resources: Attract, train and retain competent human resources to drive the company operations.
  • Teamwork : We encourage teamwork in whatever cause we set out to do.
  • Technology : Embrace Technological advancement in providing infrastructure services to our customers.
  • Commercial : We will always strive to realize return on our shareholders investments


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