At KIS, Health, Safety and Environment are number one priority.

We ensure that we monitor our aspects (activities) and impacts (effects on environment) using clearly stipulated indicators.

Bugala Island is an ecologically sensitive area, it has a rich biodiversity in terms of fauna and flora and its tourism hot spot because of a rich historical Buganda cultural heritage.

With the above in mind, we have put in place measures to ensure that our operations do not pose significant negative impacts on the environment.

Below is a summary of the interventions we have put in place.





Pollution (Air, Water, Soil)


Continuous throughout operations

Emission tests for generators are conducted on quarterly and annual basis and submitted to the regulators. our emissions are compliant to national legal standards.

Emission test results for generators are done on annual basis. Results are compliant to the national legal standards.

Oil, oily water and Solid waste


All waste oil, oily water and solid waste from water, ferry and power is disposal off by licensed company periodically. Solid Waste from our offices is disposed off by contractor to town council skips

Spills are cleaned using old cotton wool and rugs and spill clean-up kit are available on site.

Used oil, grease, rugs are collected and disposed off periodically by licensed company.

Our generators and fuel storage tanks have spill/leak control mechanisms in place.

Chemicals (Chlorine waste from water plants and paints for ferries)


We procure only what we use up. All residual water is thoroughly diluted before disposal. No chemical spill incidents since we dilute very small quantities, and all are used up.

we have spill clean-up kits at chlorination points.

Chemical pollution is not a problem at KIS


Noise Levels

Daily, monthly inspections and in audits at power plant, water treatment areas.

Noise levels are measured daily, our noise levels from generators and pumps are largely compliant to national legal standards.  Additionally, we have hearing protection PPE in place.

We have preventive maintenance programs in place for our machinery which enables us to mitigate noise levels Proactively.

Wastewater/Run off


 We have drainage channels at all facilities

Wastewater/run off is not a problem at KIS

Environment Education


We integrate environment education in our community engagement and CSR activities

Local communities have been sensitized on environment conservation.



We sensitize local communities on Bugala island on HIV/AIDS prevention strategies.

The awareness levels of HIV/AIDS on the island have increased due to positive behavioral change and interventions.


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