Marketing strategy


Marketing strategy is a deliberate effort of KIS to promote and to market its products and services under the components of water, power, and ferry services.

Marketing is a key functional area in most customer driven companies. It is an umbrella fora process that includes promotional activities, advertisements, research that helps the company to learn about its customers, and through interaction with customers through sensitization, messages,email, mediaand other social media.

It is upon this background that the Marketing Department of Kalangala infrastructure services Ltd came up with this Marketing Strategy to expand its customer base and to realize increased revenues from itsproducts and services.



To achieve customer satisfaction and increased revenues by 2020.



To increase awareness by 30 percent within the period of 3 years.

To increase customer base on Power and Water by 300 for water and 600 for power respectively.



Marketing is an organization function and set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value for customers and for marketing customer relationships in ways that benefit the company. Some of the planned processes and strategies include:


This allow a business to reach large audience. KIS to run adverts on major TVs, Radios, Print publications, website, social media etc.

Public relations;

This involves a company’s out flow of information to the Public and customers and all other groups and stake holders affected by KIS operations. KIS PR involves messages communicated through TVs, Mass media, Feature stories, Press releases, community meetings and one on one engagement with key stakeholders. KIS is handling strategic communication process that is building mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders.


Sales promotions are like advertising in that they are often promoted through paid communications. Strategic promotions will be conducted throughout KIS operating areawith the main objective of increased connections, consumption and revenues. Power consuming prizes will be given among other strategic incentives.

Direct Marketing;

It is interactive communication with customers where the company’s message seeks or implores a response from targeted customers. Emails, text/SMSmessages, WhatsApp, Facebook are used.

Event Sponsorship;

The company will pay/sponsor an event and promotional messages delivered to public /customers during the event. Such events like Masaza tournament, Kabaka birthday run, Rotary Cancer Marathon, Corporate leagues sports gala, etc is targeted.


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