Complaint Handling Procedure

Step1: Reporting to KIS Offices

By any of the following ways:

  1. Walk in to any of the KIS offices or
  2. Tel: 0312253500; 03122533510/11/30 or Toll free line: 0800253500 or
  3. Email: or
  4. Social media: Facebook: KIS Ltd. | Twitter handle: @kis_ltd | WhatsApp: 0788166887
  5. Report Fraud, Solicitation for a bribe or corruption by our staff to Tel: 0776705044 | Email:

Step2: Registration of complaints

 A complaint or an inquiry is logged into the Register and reference number for tracking given to the customer. The complaint is forwarded immediately to the concerned KIS officer for resolution.

Step3: Resolution of complaints

-Priority is given to Emergency cases (safety related) and all otherTechnical complaints are resolved within 7 days. Technical investigations (faulty transformers replacement) are completed within 30 days.

-Commercial complaints relating to bills, power connections are Resolved within 5 working days and feedback given to customer.

-Queries are handled immediately.

Step4: Appeals

 Any customer who is not satisfied with the way a complaint has been resolved can appeal to the below in chronological order;

  • Internally at KIS Head Office, plot 3&5 Mwena Road, Kalangala:
  1. The Public Relations/Marketing Manager(PR/MM),
  2. The Operations Manager-Electrical,
  3. The Managing Director.
  • Electricity Regulatory Authority(ERA):

TEL: 0200506000/0312260166, info@era.or,ug. Plot 15 Shimoni road Kampala, Uganda

  • The Electricity Disputes Tribunal (EDT): Tel: 0414232987/0772321847. 2nd floor. Amber house, Speak Road, Kampala Uganda.


  • Where deemed necessary, The PR/MM offers an apology to the customer on behalf of the company otherwise the customer does to the company through the same officer.

Step5: Compensation

  1. KIS internal grievance team meets to verify the extent of the complaint, visits the site and comes up with the compensation package.
  2. For any package, a claimant is informed and he/she signs the compensation form with the verification of the local leaders.
  3. Process is completed through KIS authorities and the claimant paid off via the bank.

Step 6: NOTICE


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