Water Services

KIS  is providing safe, reliable and clean water to Kalangala Town Council, it upgraded the Kalangala Town Council (KTC) water system and Five (5) areas on Bugala Island – Kalangala District and these include;

  1. Kalangala Town Council (Covering the entire Town Council and some parts of Mugoye Sub County which include Bumangi and Kasenyi areas)
  2. Kagulube Area which covers Kagulube, Kibanga, Maboga, Bugoma and Luku
  3. Murole Area which covers Murole, Bbeta, Bukuzindu, Mugoye Sub County Headquarters and surrounding areas
  4. Kasekulo Area which covers the entire Kasekulo Landing Site
  5. Mulabana Area which covers Kananansi and Kyagalanyi

KIS constructed Mwena water treatment plant which has a capacity of producing over 400,000 Litres of water per day and the reservoir tanks/storage facilities of 200,000 Litres. The improvement has enabled KIS to supply water to Bugala island 24 hours.

As a result of safe water supply services, the population on Bugala Island has experienced a reduction in medical expenses due to reduction water in borne diseases and improved sanitation.

Water Tariff Guide

At KIS, we are aware that different customers have different needs and are bound to use our water and services differently. We therefore have a tariff that was approved by the Ministry of Water and Environment (Regulator) that suits all categories, be it domestic, commercial or Public Taps which provides the best value from our Water services.

Our Water Tariffs are as below;

Public Taps (Pro Poor) - UGX 2,478/= (VAT Inclusive) per Cubic Meter (Unit) of Water,

Domestic - UGX 4,012/= (VAT Inclusive) per Cubic Meter (Unit) of Water,

Commercial - UGX 4,060/= (VAT Inclusive) per Cubic Meter (Unit) of Water.

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