New Water Connection

Getting a water connection at the right time and way is paramount for all household and non-house hold establishments, something that KIS understands.

That is why, whether one is constructing a new development or replacing an existing water supply, our engineering team is available and ready to guide one through and help one set up the connections, for our aspiration is to ensure excellent service in terms of water Operations.


How to acquire a New Water Connection with KIS

Bring with you the following;

  • One passport size Photo of the Applicant
  • One Copy of a Valid identification card of the Applicant
  • Proof of ownership of the Property where the connection is to be made (Land Title or Sales Agreement)

On presenting the above Three (3) requirements, the Applicant will be given a form to Fill and thereafter will be assigned a Surveyor who will visit the Applicants premises to see where the connection is required and make survey sketches to be attached on the Applicant’s Form.

An Applicant will then be required to pay a connection Fee of UGX. 150,000/= (One Hundred Fifty Thousand Shillings Only) inclusive of UGX. 50,000/= (Fifty Thousand Initial Deposit) if their Premises is within 50 Meters from the existing Water Pipe line.

If the Applicant’s Premises is more than 50 Meters away from the existing Pipe Line, that Applicant will be required to pay UGX. 150,000/= as stated above and will also meet the cost of all materials required to extend the connection beyond 50 Meters.

After paying a connection Fee and extra materials where applicable, proof of payment is presented to K I S Offices and a connection will be effected within Seven Working Days.

Donot Pay Money to Field Staff


Tariff Guide

At K I S, we are aware that different customers have different needs and are bound to use our water and services differently. We therefore have a tariff that was approved by the Ministry of Water and Environment (Regulator)that suits all categories, be it commercial, institutional or domestic which provides the best value from our Water services.

Our Water Tariff is UGX. 3,025/= per Cubic Meter (Unit) of Water and this Tariff applies to all Categories of Consumers.


Where to Pay

All Water Bills can be paid through Stanbic Bank or through our Branch Offices in Betta Trading Centre and Mulabana. Customers are urged to always ensure that they are given Receipts when payments are made through our Offices as proof of payment.


Some useful Water Tips

Water is life and as such we shouldn’t waste it. At K I S, we are after maximizing your usage and thus recommend responsible usage of water. This will save you on your bill and conserve the environment. Here are some tips to save water;

Monitor your water bill.
Your bill is the first step in saving water. Take note of how much water you use and adjust. Always contact us through our Toll-Free Line or direct walk into our Offices for any guidance and Clarification.

Take showers; 

A bath usually uses more water since you have to fill up a bath tab or basin. Showers on the other hand take a shorter time and use up less water. If you already use showers, you can consider taking shorter ones and don’t let Children play with Taps and Control valves.

Wash on a full load.
If you use a washing machine or dish washer, make sure you wash on a full load. Washing few clothes means you will have to wash again later which is more water used.

Wash in a full sink. 

When washing dishes or utensils, fill up the sink then wash instead of leaving the tap running. 

Re use water.
Many times we pour away water that can still be used. Water from rinsing clothes for example can be recycled to flush a toilet, wash a car or mop a house.

Repair leaks promptly.
Leaks are one of the biggest wastes of water especially since the water lost is usually clean and untouched. In case you have a leak or suspect one, have it repaired promptly to save water.

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